Financial Engineering

Financial planning only covers one piece of your financial world at a time. Financial Engineering integrates all parts and gets them to work together. Everything is measured on a one page model that is easy for you to see and understand. Think of it as your financal x-ray.


                 Cornerstone Process                                   Typical Planning

  • Create wealth with no set limits
  • Meet needs and goals
  • Multiplication of money method
  • Accumulation method
  • Uses many cost recovery strategies
  • Uses few cost recovery strategies
  • Client maintains control of money
  • Relinquishes control of money
  • Uses tax recapture strategies
  • Few tax recapture strategies
  • Maximizes risk management
  • Limits risk management
  • Conserve, grow, and enjoy estate
  • Conserve estate
  • Flexibility to make changes
  • Limited flexibility to make changes
  • Macro-economic verification
  • Micro-economic verification


Other Potential Financial Engineering Benefits:

  1. Allows establishment of education funds
  2. Analyzes company benefits and social security benefits
  3. Create a tax-favored supplemental retirement fund
  4. Teaches how to increase the potential payoff of investments
  5. Teaches a method to organize personal financial papers and legal documents
  6. Includes the important advantage of an annual review of your personally engineered financial process


Is this a new process?


At Cornerstone Financial, your financial future will be built on a firm foundation!